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Spectrum Labs | Quick Clear Detox

Spectrum Labs | Quick Clear Detox

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The 20oz Quick Clear detox drinks are just the perfect solution for you! They are a great and natural way to detox your body and cleanse your urine – this completely undetectable detox formula is specifically designed for people of high toxin levels or larger body mass.

This great tasting detox beverage is composed of 100% natural, organic ingredients and it comes with two delicious flavors you can choose from, Tropical Fruit or Blueberry Açaí flavors.

This is a 100% guaranteed and effective way to cleanse the complete body on short notice.

For best taste chill the entire bottle of the Quick Clear Detox drink before consuming
Comfortably drink 20 ounces of water at your own pace
Wait 20 minutes, then shake Quick Clear Detox well and at a comfortable pace drink the entire bottle contents
Wait 20 minutes, refill bottle with water and consume at a normal rate
As part of the toxin elimination process it is important to urinate frequently
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