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Pink Formula

Pink Formula Clean Water 16oz

Pink Formula Clean Water 16oz

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Clean Water 16oz Bottles powered by Pink Formula

Perfect glassware liquid for pipe water use. Perfect for smoother hits and prevents resin build up for up to 50+ hits!

Prevents Glassware Resin Build Up:

Clean water by Pink Formula containers natural spring water that prevents quick residue build up in your glass pipe. It helps keep your glass pipes gunk-free and is free of any harmful chemicals and additives. With Clean Water, you can go longer between cleaning your piece.
Zero Water Spots Left On Your Glass:

Perfect for any glass enthusiast & heady glass collectors.
Efficient Glass Pipe Water:

When you're dealing with different kinds of herb products, the resin often slowly builds up; eventually the stickiness will make your glass pipe extremely dirty and the water filtration almost becomes useless.

Unlike others, Clean Water can be used with much more than just glass products! Works perfectly with other sorts of materials & pipes. No matter what type of herb product you use or piece you use, you can guarantee a fresh clean piece!

Clean water is thicker than standard tap water. Therefore, it will act as a filter of particulate matter for smoother hits. It is perfect for using up to 50+ hits! After that, it is recommended to change the water for a continued perfect smoking experience.

Pink Formula's main goal is to provide customers with high-quality products. After almost a year of development this product is better than any other product like this on the market!

Natural Glassware Water
Prevents Resin & Bacteria Build Up
High Compatibility
Fast Acting
Versatile Usage
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