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Nikk Drips

Carta Focus V Carb Cap & Tether

Carta Focus V Carb Cap & Tether

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Introduce precision and control to your dabbing experience with the Focus V CARTA 2 Intelli-Core Bubble Cap & Tether. This premium accessory is specifically designed for use with the CARTA 2 vaporizer, enhancing your sessions with optimal airflow and vaporization.

The Intelli-Core Bubble Cap is expertly crafted to provide you with precise airflow control. This allows for the efficient vaporization of concentrates, maximizing flavor and potency with every use. Its bubble design is not only functional but also adds a stylish look to your setup.

The included tether keeps the bubble cap securely attached to your device, ensuring it's always within reach and preventing loss. This simple yet effective addition makes handling and storage both hassle-free and convenient.
Available for pickup in Post Falls Idaho

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