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Nikk Drips

Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo

Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo

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Introducing the Blazer Products Flexible Turbo Torch FX-1000. This new addition to the Big Buddy family of torches features the same powerful 2500F wind resistant torch flame, a large butane refillable tank, and all the quality and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Blazer Products since 1985. The Flexible Turbo Torch boasts an innovative torch head which adjusts to a choice of 3 angles; 90 degrees, 135 degrees and 180 degrees making it ideal for applications in both the industrial and home use markets. From soldering, heating shrink tubing, The built-in ceramic heat resistant nozzle assembly protects against the normal heat transferred to the torch’s nozzle while the child-resistant trigger provides additional safety in almost any environment. The Flexible Turbo Torch also features a new dual flame feature. With a simple turn of the air flow dial you can operate the Turbo Torch with a powerful blue torch flame or a softer and cooler yellow flame. This feature is available for the first time in the Big Buddy family of torches. As part of the Blazer Products Dual Use line of torches, the Flexible Turbo Torch was specifically engineered for both professional and home use. Available in a sturdy and attractive Black and Stainless Steel finish with a choice of Red or Blue accents.

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