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AFM Glass 10" Barrel Blaster TX108 Dual Uptake Recycler 14mm

AFM Glass 10" Barrel Blaster TX108 Dual Uptake Recycler 14mm

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10" Barrel Blaster Colored Glass Recycler Rig Features:

Experience elevated sessions with the 10" Barrel Blaster Colored Glass Recycler Rig. This impressive rig combines durability, functionality, and artistic design to offer an exceptional experience. Here are the key features that set this rig apart:


  1. Thick Heavy Duty Glass: Crafted from thick and heavy-duty glass, the Barrel Blaster Rig is built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring its longevity.

  2. Drop Stemless Design: The drop stemless design adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to the rig, creating a streamlined appearance.

  3. Bent Neck with Flared Mouthpiece: The bent neck and flared mouthpiece contribute to a comfortable and ergonomic design, allowing for smooth draws and ease of use.

  4. Double Drain Recycler Connection: The double drain recycler connection offers a long and slow drain function, enhancing the recycler's efficiency in filtering and cooling your hits.

  5. Direct Inject Joint: The 14mm female direct inject joint ensures seamless compatibility with various accessories, providing versatility for your setup.

  6. Shower Perc: The shower perc provides excellent percolation, delivering smoother and cooler hits by breaking down the vapor into finer bubbles.

  7. Barrel Chamber: The rig features a barrel chamber designed to accumulate and filter smoke, resulting in bigger and smoother hits for an enhanced experience.

  8. Color Mixed Glass: The use of color mixed glass adds a dynamic and captivating visual element to the rig, making it a unique and eye-catching piece.

  9. Bowl Included: This rig comes with an included bowl, ensuring that you have everything you need for a complete session.

  10. Height and Measurements: With a height of 10.5" from base to mouthpiece and 5" from base to top of the rig joint, the Barrel Blaster provides a comfortable and convenient size for your dabbing needs.

Embrace the elevated experience offered by the 10" Barrel Blaster Colored Glass Recycler Rig. With its combination of sturdy construction, innovative features, and artistic design, this rig is a standout addition to any dabbing collection. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the scene, the Barrel Blaster is designed to enhance your sessions and elevate your enjoyment. Please note that actual measurements may vary, ensuring that each piece is a unique work of art.

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