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AFM Glass 8.5" Virgo TX067 Recycler 14mm

AFM Glass 8.5" Virgo TX067 Recycler 14mm

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The 8.5" Virgo Glass Recycler Rig is an impressive smoking device with a variety of features that enhance the smoking experience. Here are the key features of this dab rig:

  1. Height: The rig stands at 8.5 inches tall, providing a compact and portable size for easy handling and storage.

  2. Drop Stemless Design: The rig features a drop stemless design, offering a unique and eye-catching appearance.

  3. Double Colored Glass: The rig is constructed with double colored glass, adding a touch of visual appeal and style to the piece.

  4. Flared Mouthpiece: The rig comes with a flared mouthpiece that ensures a comfortable and secure grip while taking draws from the rig.

  5. Barrel Double Recycler: This rig is equipped with a barrel double recycler, which effectively recycles the water and smoke, providing smoother and cooler hits.

  6. Direct Inject Joint Size: 14mm Female: The dab rig has a 14mm female joint size, making it compatible with various 14mm male accessories and attachments.

  7. Perc: 4-Hole Perc: The rig is designed with a 4-hole perc, which helps to diffuse the smoke for a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

  8. Bowl Included: The rig includes a bowl for placing the dry herbs or concentrates, offering convenience for smoking sessions.

  9. Height from Base to Mouthpiece: 8.5 inches: This measurement represents the total height of the dab rig, including the mouthpiece.

  10. Height from Base to Top of Rig Joint: 5 inches: This measurement indicates the height from the base to the top of the rig joint, where the bowl or accessory is attached.

  11. Actual Measurements May Vary: As with handcrafted glass pieces, the actual measurements of the dab rig may vary slightly, adding to its unique character.

The 8.5" Virgo Glass Recycler Rig is not only visually appealing but also designed with functionality in mind. The double-colored glass and unique drop stemless design make it an attractive piece for any smoking enthusiast or collector. The barrel double recycler and 4-hole perc provide excellent filtration and cooling for a pleasant smoking experience. Enjoy your favorite concentrates or dry herbs with this beautifully crafted and efficient rig.

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